Find out more about sustainable health care practices

Image: Find out more about sustainable health care practices

Sustainable health care that’s good for the environment is important when considering the future health of generations to come.

Organizations and groups such as The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care are interested in encouraging best practices in the healthcare community.

Goals For Achieving Sustainable Health Care Practices

The overriding goals of groups such as The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care are to:

  • Prevent, reduce and otherwise make less waste in the health care sector
  • Achieve carbon neutrality in health care
  • Reduce energy and water usage among health care organizations
  • Build, renovate and purchase health care facilities responsibly
  • Engage the community when it comes to environmental sustainability in health care design, construction, and operations
  • Increase recycling programs in health care facilities
  • Phase out hazardous substances and toxic chemicals in health care facilities
  • Encourage sustainable transportation within the health care industry

Why Are Sustainable Health Care Practices Important?

There are a number of reasons why it is important for organizations and health care facilities to consider sustainable health care practices. Some reasons include:

  • Cost Savings- extending the life of equipment, improving efficiency, preventing toxins and waste, using less energy and water are all activities that will reduce costs for health care facilities.
  • Human Health- climate change impacts public health and therefore sustainable health care practices that protect the environment will protect people as well.
  • Disease Prevention- health care is about more than just treating disease; it is also about prevention and wellness. A healthy environment will aid in the prevention of disease.
  • Competitive Advantage- environmental stewardship and best practices have redefined the framework for quality health care and patient experience.

There is a strong link between public health and the quality of our environment. The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care believes that greening the health care sector will have a significant impact on the lives and well-being of Canadians.