Don't let your loved one slip through the cracks!

Image: Don't let your loved one slip through the cracks!

Don’t Let Your Loved One Slip Through The Cracks!

With an increasingly aging population and a healthcare system that is struggling to keep up with such demands, an increasing number of seniors are “slipping through the cracks” and finding it difficult to get the services they need.

If you have an elderly loved one with needs that you feel are being overlooked, a private sector company such as Seniors for Seniors could be just the kind of assistance you/they are looking for!

Experts within the field recognize the mutual benefits of a system where senior caregivers provide support for seniors in need. Dr. Janice O’ Keefe, a professor at Mt St Vincent University and Director for the Centre of Aging in Nova Scotia has stated, “it’s important to ensure that seniors can be engaged in their community, and helping other seniors is a mutually beneficial arrangement that just makes sense. It is reinforcing their purpose in life and promoting social engagement.”

That is what Seniors for Seniors is all about—striving for a mutually beneficial outcome for the seniors in need of assistance, as well as for our senior caregivers who provide the support. That is the foundation on which this company was formed and that continues to be an integral part of the philosophy that is propelling this company forward. Our mature caregivers are matched with clients close in proximity to their age, so they not only provide care and assistance, but also companionship, while allowing the client to age in place.

Through this arrangement, we are happy to provide an option for those in need of the type of care and support that is becoming increasingly difficult for the public sector to afford in the midst of a rapidly aging population. By working in partnership with government-funded care, Seniors for Seniors has the ability to be a great addition to existing service options.

Rather than watch your loved one attempt to navigate through a system that is overwhelmed by a population size that is continuing to grow each day, why not take advantage of the services offered by Seniors for Seniors? While everybody is jockeying for their share of government funding, Seniors for Seniors will continue to provide a viable option for 1:1 companionship and care in the comfort of the individual’s own home, retirement home, or long-term care facility. I am very excited to be a part of it all and am approaching my own senior years with open eyes and an open mind to all of the possibilities.

- Grace Belliveau, Seniors for Seniors Branch Manager, Hamilton-Niagara.