CEO Corner: On the road to Total Client Care

Image: CEO Corner: On the road to Total Client Care

Over the past year Spectrum Health Care has expanded into new areas of service delivery, established new divisions and brought on new employees with diverse skill sets.

Our business has evolved from a company focused on home health care to a number of divisions that now offer a variety of health care services.

This diversification has propelled us onto a path of transformation, a period of change not only in our service offerings but in the way in which we approach providing services to our clients. I have named this change “The Transformation Experience.” My vision for Spectrum Health Care and its new divisions is to be transformed from a health care service provider into a total client care organization.

Our clients are our priority and while our current business model addresses their unique needs through the provision of services provided by our current divisions; Spectrum Health Care, Seniors for Seniors, and Spectrum Patient Services, the goal of our Transformation Experience is to maximize the full benefits and utilization of all the services we offer by moving to a Total Client Care model.

A Total Client Care model allows us to create stronger synergies between our divisions and provide a blend of services to our clients. While our divisions each have their own brand and identity, a Total Client Care model provides clients with the ability to seamlessly move between services. By leveraging each of our division’s service offerings we can serve our client’s total needs efficiently.

This is not an overnight transformation; it will take time, dedication and patience. As we move forward we will celebrate successes, encounter failures, let go of old practices and develop new ones. It is a vision where each of you will play an important role in making it a reality. As leaders in community health we will improve the lives of our clients and their families.

I look forward to the embarking on this journey with you and invite you to contact me or drop by my office if you have any questions regarding our new direction. We are “on the road to total client care” and the journey starts now!

Warm Regards,

Lori Lord