A transformation story

Image: A transformation story

Happy New Year!

2015 is off to a great start; we are continuing full force with our transformation into a Total Client Care organization. Our Transformation Experience committee is working hard to train employees across all our divisions, set up internal processes to make working between the divisions easier and publicly promote our client centred care model. The efforts of our transformation are already having tremendously positive effects on the clients we serve. Allow me to share with you a “Transformation Story.”

Over the holidays our division Seniors for Seniors received a request from the relative of a client to have a driver companion drive him to his mother’s for Christmas dinner. Given the client’s grave illness, it was very important for him to spend this last Christmas with his mother. Our Seniors for Seniors Hamilton manager, Grace, found a very willing and committed Driver Companion who eagerly accepted the job to drive the client to his mother’s on Christmas Day, which was a 230 km trip one way.

On Dec. 23rd, Grace received a call from our Driver Companion stating that a death had occurred in his family and he would be unable to fulfill this job. Under any other circumstance Grace likely would have found herself in a challenging predicament, trying to find a substitute Driver Companion at such short notice, for a job on Christmas Day. Fortunately she called our patient transfer division, Spectrum Patient Services, and they were able to assign a paramedic to drive the client to his mother’s as originally planned.

On Christmas morning our Spectrum Patient Services paramedic arrived at the client’s home. Knowing that the client’s mother was elderly and would likely have difficulty cooking a full Christmas meal, Grace arranged for the paramedic to pick up Christmas dinner from a local catering company. From the stimulating conversation during the drive, to assisting with dinner and the safe and enjoyable journey home, the client was overjoyed by the quality of service and dedication that he received from Spectrum Patient Services and Seniors for Seniors.

This story is a great example of how our transformation into a total client care organization allows us to address our client’s needs from all our divisions. Through our collaboration we were not only able to provide the service but we also demonstrated our values through our quick Responsiveness to the needs of the client, Trust on each other to seamlessly move the client from one division to another, Caring nature of our employees and Safety of not just the client but his mother as well.

As we continue on our transformation journey let us strive to multiply these “Transformation Stories” as they are true testaments to our ability as an organization to elevate the client experience.

Warm Regards,

Lori Lord