3 diabetes focused websites you need to read

Image: 3 diabetes focused websites you need to read

One of the best innovations of our time is the internet.

There is an endless amount of web content dedicated to health care. Some filled with quality content, while others may be questionable. With millions of pages dedicated to healthcare, how do you know which are reliable and which ones aren’t? There are more than 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes, so you can imagine the endless supply of diabetes related information that’s available.

In an effort to save you some time and we have decided to pull our top 3 websites that can offer you resources and information you can trust when it comes to managing your diabetes. The sites below offer great tools for making your life easier every step of the way and great resources that are unique to Canadian diabetics. Here’s our top 3 list of websites you need to add to your morning read:


This website is a great hub for those living with Type 1 diabetes. It aims to connect, engage and inspire with experiential experiences. They organize Slipstream events that bring people together with Type 1 diabetes to try new things. Slipstream weekends can include anything from paddle boarding to camping to a night out on the town. Connected in Motion keeps and online weekly calendar for events taking place all over Canada. They encourage people to start up their own support networks.


Diabetes GPS was named the 2013 National Winner of the Dietitians of Canada’s Speaking of Food and Healthy Living Award: Excellence in Consumer Nutrition Communication. The project was dedicated to providing information that is representative of the real Canadian population. The website has an abundance of culturally appropriate resources. It also has online and experiential learning tools in eight different languages, ranging from strategies to protect the heart, to healthy eating.


Diabetes Care Community should be at the top of your daily reading list because it’s jam packed with interesting and relevant articles. It was co-founded Shelley Diamond, a pharmacist and Ian Gardner, an internet strategist. Their dream to connect the diabetic community inspired them to create an online portal for diabetes education. They host a diverse range of bloggers and have content for every stage of diabetes. Including expert tips on meal prep, blogs from local diabetics and personal management tools. The most notable part of the website is their support forums. Diabetes Care Community embraces the “community”. They offer support forums ranging from caregivers support, to healthy eating. It truly is a blog by diabetics for diabetics.

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to take place in isolation. The internet is a great tool for connecting with the broader diabetic community and to access reliable and up-to-date information from the medical community and abroad. Most online sources encourage those in the diabetic community to connect, share stories and resources for enhancing the quality of life.

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