CEO Blog: The importance of Mental Health Week

Image: CEO Blog: The importance of Mental Health Week

May 4th- May 10th 2014 marks Mental Health Week; an event dedicated to bringing together leaders and organizations from across the country to raise awareness of mental health issues and resources.

The statistics are unsettling. In any given year, one in five Canadians experiences a mental health or addiction problem.

Throughout this week social media platforms have served as a venue for people all over the world to discuss recommendations to develop, identify and evaluate programs to prevent and treat mental illness in Canada.

I have been watching Mental Health Week carefully, following key stories, posts and pondering on the many questions being brought to the table. How will we enhance recovery by improving access to integrated care and social support? How will we ignite discovery and drive social change? How do we raise awareness of the programs available today? What role can home health care services play?

As Ontario’s leading provider of home health care services, we see mental illness affect the lives of our patients on a daily basis. We believe that now is a time of opportunity to cultivate change, promote awareness and offer community based solutions that assist patients with their mental health needs while combating the stigmas surrounding mental illness.

At Spectrum Health Care, we offer a range of health care services geared toward the health, safety and happiness of our clients. Assisting those suffering from mental illness is a priority that we take very seriously. We provide clients and their families with support and education and pride ourselves on providing a safe environment to discuss their concerns.

Mental Health Week has provided an opportunity to educate one another on the impacts of mental illness and has identified the need for resources to assist those living with a mental illness in Canada.

The more we learn about mental health and mental illness, the better equipped we become to promote and maintain good health in ourselves and others.

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