Specialized Services

Employee Health and Wellness

Corporate Infection Control Services help your business meet public health and infection control guidelines while creating a culture of health and safety that keeps employees protected and ensures business continuity.

At Spectrum Health Care, our infection control experts work with organizations of all sizes to develop customized solutions pertaining to health and safety in the workplace. We have years of experience in developing and implementing health and safety best practices and are confident in our ability guide your organization towards a safe re-opening during these unprecedented times.

Our infection control experts study and are continually following public health guidelines as they are updated ensuring that best practices are always implemented and followed. We will make it a priority to understand the intricacies of your business in order to develop and deliver a robust return to work strategy that puts the safety of your employees and business continuity at the forefront. We are equipped to deliver complete return to work solutions from strategy development through to execution. Our goal is to minimize your time and effort so that you can focus on your core business priorities.

In addition to the proactive planning for a successful re-opening, our infection control experts will also support your organization with business continuity planning in case of future outbreaks. This includes the development and implementation of pandemic workflows that ensure the containment of outbreaks per the requirements of public health.

Our services include:


  • On-site review of office space which includes a detailed walk-through and inspection of all floors, workspaces, common areas and conference center
  • Document the typical usage of each space
  • Review of existing safety and infection control practices
  • Review all current workflows and understand the movement and habits of staff and visitors
  • Identify key areas requiring hand sanitization stands and social distancing reminders
  • Liaise with property management to understand the current cleaning processes within the building

Strategy and Recommendations

  • Review of existing health & safety documents, policies, guidelines, and employee surveys
  • Review of infection control policies to ensure compliance with updated public health guidelines
  • Map out office space and recommend workflows related to social distancing and screening of employees and visitors
  • Design and production of screener questionnaires, communication tools and on-site signage
  • Collaboration with your company’s health and safety committee to provide them the tools to continue building a culture of safety during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Validating the cleaning company and products used against the Ministry of Health’s product recommendations
  • Recommend procurement options for sanitization supplies and PPE equipment
  • Evaluation, training for staff and compliance

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