Tuesday tips for planning safe events: delegate a strong leader

Image: Tuesday tips for planning safe events: delegate a strong leader

It’s time for another edition of Tuesday Tips for Planning Safe Events!

Today’s tip is to delegate a strong leader for your event who possesses the 4 Cs of safe event planning leadership: competence, control, cooperation and communication.

A safe event requires a leader who is competent, can maintain control, is willing to cooperate, and has excellent communication skills. Here is why these qualities are important for the success of your event:


A competent leader is someone who will have the experience and knowledge necessary to plan and execute your event safely. This individual should have a clear understanding of the objectives of your event, the people and tools required to achieve these objectives, and how these objectives can be met in a way that is safe for everyone involved. A competent leader will also know when something is unsafe and have the authority, if necessary, to close the event or any part of it at any time.

When choosing a competent leader, look for someone who:

  • Is responsible
  • Has strong organization skills
  • Has previous experience leading similar types of events
  • Understands the safety hazards associated with your event and the precautions necessary for overcoming them
  • Will be available on site at all times


A strong leader must be able to exercise and maintain control of the event. A good candidate is someone who can stay on top of things and be able to monitor the event for early indications of potential problems. Your leader should be aware of their responsibility to handle incidents and should be able to direct people to the resources they need when dealing with problems that arise.

When choosing a leader who can maintain control, look for someone who:

  • Knows how to delegate roles and responsibilities effectively
  • Works well under pressure
  • Is resourceful and able to make timely decisions
  • Can stay calm and collected when problems/incidents arise


Although your leader should be someone who will take charge, a strong leader must also have the ability to cooperate and work well as part of a team. Planning a safe and effective event will require participation from a variety of people and your leader should be able to cooperate with these people and take their ideas, concerns, and suggestions seriously.

When choosing a leader who is willing to cooperate, look for someone who:

  • Is approachable
  • Interacts well with others
  • Is willing to listen to what other people have to say
  • Trusts those who have been hired to do their job effectively


Strong communication skills are important for any good leader. In order to plan and execute an event safely, a leader should be someone who is well-spoken and able to explain what they need done in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

When choosing a leader with excellent communication skills, look for someone who:

  • Is not afraid to speak in front of crowds
  • Can articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly
  • Understands the importance of ensuring staff and volunteers are kept up to date and aware of what is going on
  • Is willing and able to communicate effectively about problems and incidents that arise

Keep in mind that if the staff/volunteers at your event are from diverse backgrounds, it may be necessary to have a leader who is fluent in multiple languages so that communication is clear for everyone.

Remember that a safe event requires a leader who has the skills, capacity, experience and knowledge needed to keep everyone involved safe. By selecting a leader who displays the 4 C’s of safe event planning leadership, you can be confident that your event will be planned and executed with everyone’s safety in mind.