Tips for a safe & spooky Halloween

Image: Tips for a safe & spooky Halloween

Whether you’re a child, parent/caregiver or a homeowner, we all play a part in keeping neighbourhoods safe during Halloween.

Here are some quick tips to keep yourself and others safe:

Children and youth

  1. Bring a cell phone.
  2. Travel in groups of 3 or more at all times.
  3. Don’t run back and forth across the street. Visit all the houses on one side of the street and then cross the street and visit the houses on the other side.
  4. If you’re going without your parents, plan out a route beforehand and let your parents know.
  5. Use reflective tape on your candy bag, and glow sticks on your arms so you are more visible by cars and other trick-or-treaters.

Parents and caregivers

  1. Make sure your children’s costumes fit properly to prevent trips and falls.
  2. Accompany young children and wait for them at each house they visit.
  3. If you’re letting your child go without supervision: give them a cell phone, a flashlight, and discuss in advance a route that they should follow.
  4. Dress your child for the weather. Depending on the temperature you may need to add layers underneath their costumes.
  5. Put reflective tape on candy bags and costumes so drivers can better see your child.


  1. Sweep wet leaves from your steps and driveway.
  2. Turn on at least one outdoor light.
  3. Use alternative candles in your pumpkins such as battery-operated candles.
  4. Remove items from your yard that a child may trip on.
  5. Keep pets that are easily excited away from the front door.

Happy Halloween!


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