Time for some summer fun!

Image: Time for some summer fun!

The summer heat has arrived!

It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air with those you care for. Planning day trips with seniors can sometimes be challenging, so a little pre-planning can help ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are three day trip ideas that are easy and enjoyable for seniors. Get planning and make some summer memories with your loved ones!

3 day trip ideas:

1. St. Jacob Farmers’ Market

The newly rebuilt market, located in Woolwich Ontario, is a great place to find all sorts of amazing items! From chocolate, cheese, pies and clothes, you and your loved ones are sure to find something you enjoy.

Pro tip: Go on a weekday to avoid large crowds.

2. Stratford Festival

Do you enjoy going to the theatre? Grab tickets to a play at the Stratford Festival. It’s North America’s largest classical repertory theatre with plays from William Shakespeare as well as other great writers. Stratford is a beautiful, senior friendly town to enjoy lunch and a performance. Pick a day with nice weather and take your loved one for a relaxing day in Stratford!

Pro tip: Choose a matinee performance so you can head home before dark.

3. Cruise on Lake Ontario

If you live in the Toronto area and enjoy the water consider taking a cruise on Lake Ontario. There are several cruise lines that provide day and evening cruises, some even include brunch or dinner. It’s a great way to get on the water and escape from the city heat.

Pro tip: Check Groupon or WagJag for deals first! Often they have deals on rates that can be cheaper than the senior’s rates.

Ontario offers a wide range of great activities during the summer months! Spend the extra time to plan and find activities that can accommodate the needs of you and your loved ones.