Stay safe, seniors!

Image: Stay safe, seniors!

To help keep you and your loved ones safe we’ve compiled a list of 10 safety tips for seniors.

Safety Tip 1: Falls or slips getting in and out of the bath/shower is a common problem. Consider adding grab bars near shower/tub units and the toilet to prevent accidents or injuries.

Safety Tip 2: Seniors should have a glass of water next to their bed so they are not wandering around in the dark- where falls, slips or other injuries typically occur. Also, consider placing nightlights in hallways leading to bathrooms to help them navigate.

Safety Tip 3: Provide a phone or emergency alert system to your loved one next to their bed. In the event they require assistance, it should be quick and easy to alert a family member or emergency personnel.

Safety Tip 4: Clearly label dangerous, flammable material or products with chemicals like cleaning agents. Place them in a locked storage area if the senior wouldn’t be able to easily recognize a label.

Safety Tip 5: Keep a schedule of food in the fridge and expiry dates to avoid food from spoiling and a senior becoming ill. A quick and easy schedule can be placed with a magnet on the fridge to remind a caregiver or the senior themselves when to buy new milk or eggs.

Safety Tip 6: Check to ensure that emergency equipment is up to date and working- such as fire extinguishers or fire alarms. Fire alarm batteries should be replaced once a year.

Safety Tip 7: Adjust the hot-water heater or install a device that will prevent the water from reaching too high a temperature. Seniors can easily burn themselves if they are not easily able to identify the hot/cold switches

Safety Tip 8: Does your aging loved one use a walker or cane? Check that it is the right height and that the rubber tips are not worn. This can cause slips and falls but also can cause back pain and unnecessary aches if the height is wrong.

Safety Tip 9: Update escape plans for Seniors and keep their current capabilities in mind, and practice with them.

Safety Tip 10: Swap your candles for flameless lights. You can still achieve the warmth of a real candle but avoid the fire hazards of real candles for seniors.