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  • National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Zekaria

    I have been with Spectrum for one year and it has been great and very rewarding.

  • National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: JoAnne

    I think what is unique about being a community nurse is the creativity and ingenuity that patients and nurses develop to deal with any issue, using the resources available at the time. It can require thinking outside the box on some occasions.

  • National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Nadiia

    It is awesome to be part of the community, taking care of people in need and contributing to making things better for patients. I love the communication that I have with people and being able to see them improve because of the services I provide.

  • National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Grace

    As a community nurse, I get to know my patients as they go through the process of healing, providing support along the way until the treatment is completed.

  • National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Holly

    Working with patients in the community setting allows a nurse to assess the home environment. This unique access helps in the development of an inclusive care plan in collaboration with the patient.

  • National Nursing Week 2022 Nurse Profile: Meynardo

    Community nursing is unique because we provide different treatments and procedures to patients in a variety of settings – in the comfort of their homes, in long-term care facilities, and in shelters.

  • Everyday Heroes: Gina Mijares

    Gina is a nursing coordinator who works out of our Peel branch. Without fail she always ensures her patients are scheduled for their care services. Gina always does everything to the best of her ability.

  • Spectrum Health Care welcomes investments in home care to rescue a "system in crisis"

    Investments announced today in advance of Ontario’s 2022 Spring Budget will help restore critical nursing and other home care services to tens of thousands of Ontario seniors and patients.

  • Everyday Heroes: Puvana Uthayakumaran

    At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic there were a lot of unknowns. Despite this uncertainty, our field staff were on the frontlines of the pandemic, caring for our patients every day. In doing so, they faithfully answer the call to be Everyday Heroes.

  • Spectrum Welcomes Ella Ferris and Mark Vimr

    Spectrum is pleased to announce that Ella Ferris and Mark Vimr will be joining our organization as Nurse Advisors.