Spectrum Leadership Spotlight – Meet Sundari!

Image: Spectrum Leadership Spotlight  – Meet Sundari!

By fostering a close-knit, collaborative team spirit, Spectrum leaders empower and inspire their teams to work together towards shared objectives. This is the core of our ‘Kindle a One-Team Approach’ leadership competency exemplified daily by Sundari.

As a Nursing Program Manager at Spectrum, Sundari leads her team with an open-door policy. By promoting collaboration, celebrating team achievements, and upholding respect and accountability, she ensures everyone feels heard and valued.

By recognizing the importance of everyone’s voice, Sundari creates an inclusive environment that involves all team members—from supervisors to frontline staff—and values their input and contributions.

Recognizing the importance of spirited collaboration, Sundari also works to familiarize staff with the diverse skill sets within their team. By encouraging delegation to the right person at the right time, she leverages the unique skills of her team members to achieve Spectrum’s high standard of quality, patient-centric care.