PSW Day 2022

Image: PSW Day 2022

May 19th is Personal Support Worker (PSW) Day and it’s a time to celebrate the hard work PSWs do for all our clients at Spectrum Health Care.

PSWs play a critical role in our health care system and their jobs include a wide range of different skills which enable them to provide the best support and care to their patients. There are approximately 100,000 PSWs working across Ontario’s health care system and more than 34,000 are working in the home and community care sector.

Spectrum celebrates the work that our amazing PSWs do in the communities we serve. The contributions that these individuals make is immeasurable. They impact the lives of so many, especially our seniors, helping them to have the choice and the confidence to be cared for at home.

PSWs are front line workers and are most often the first professional to notice changes in a patient’s well-being. It is important to recognize all the work that PSWs do to enrich the lives of the people they care for.

Today we challenge you to thank a PSW and show your appreciation for all they do for you or your loved ones.