Planning an outdoor party? Read these tips before you do!

Image: Planning an outdoor party? Read these tips before you do!

Summer is a great time to entertain friends and family outdoors.

Before you plan your next outdoor party, be sure to follow these simple tips to pull off a successful soiree.

Have a plan B

When planning a party, always expect the best and prepare for the worst. For example, it is a good idea to have alternate options such as having a pop up gazebo for your guests in case it rains.

Be safe

Have a first aid kit handy in case something happens to one of your guests. Throw some ice packs into the freezer before the party so they are ready if anyone needs them. Another thing to keep in mind is to have designated drivers or cab services available to ensure guests arrive home safely should they consume alcohol.

Keep the bugs away

If you are outside, it’s inevitable there will be a few unwanted guests at your party. Have citronella candles and bug spray on hand to keep the bugs at bay. Be sure the candles and bug spray are in a safe spot and out of reach of children.

Have enough seating

You want your friends and family to feel comfortable and relaxed. If you don’t have enough chairs, an option is to lay blankets on the ground and have a picnic-style party. Alternately, you can use cushions or poufs as extra seating. Make special arrangements for your guests who use wheelchairs or walkers; have chairs with extra back support for those who may need it.


Set the ambience

If the party is happening during the evening, use string lights, lanterns or candles to create an enchanting atmosphere for your guests. Have old wine bottles lying around? Use them to hold candles for a rustic feel. You can also draw inspiration from your favourite era or movie for a theme that will make your outdoor party memorable!


Don’t forget the music

Music can play a big part in setting the mood of a party. Have a variety of music from different genres available. Let your friends and family be guest DJs; let them choose what music to play during the party.

Keep your drinks cool

Keep drinks cool for hours by filling a giant bucket with ice, a splash of cold water and table salt. The salt lowers the temperature in the bucket so that the ice won’t melt as quickly.

Label your foods

Label your foods so your guests don’t have to guess what they are eating. A small chalkboard can serve as a menu and clean Popsicle sticks can be creatively fashioned into condiment labels.

Popsicle sticks.jpg

Have entertainment ready

Set out Frisbees, balls and outdoor games to keep your guests of all ages entertained. All you need to create an outdoor Twister game is some spray paint and grass.


Whatever idea or theme you have for your outdoor party, don’t forget the most important thing is to have fun. You want to be able to enjoy your party as much as your guests.

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