Sometimes life’s challenges can result in great rewards

Image: Sometimes life’s challenges can result in great rewards

Sometimes life’s challenges can result in great rewards.

This was the case for our caregiver Margaret who suffered a serious health crisis in 1998 that had her questioning her ability to ever enter the workforce again. After two years of treatment and recovery, she stumbled upon an ad in the Hamilton Spectator for Seniors for Seniors. Feeling confident in her ability to work again, she called the office and quickly fell in love with the concept. She began working right away as a home cleaner and homemaking companion in the Hamilton region. Her cheerful demeanor and compassion was a hit with clients and soon she found herself working with several clients on a regular basis.

Margaret’s dedication to the well-being of seniors clients has not only been appreciated by clients and their families but also onlookers who have seen Margaret in action. A few years ago Seniors for Seniors received a lovely letter from the neighbour of a client who had witness firsthand Margaret’s compassion and care. He was so impressed that he felt compelled to write a letter commending her on the great care and friendship she was providing his neighbour.

Margaret’s attitude is such that she is grateful just to be alive and happy to be able to help out as needed. After having received such wonderful care during her illness she truly believes it is her calling to help those who need it and it never hurts to make a new friend along the way. Margaret enjoys her relationships with her clients and the Seniors for Seniors Coordinators and Manager. She is also committed to workplace safety and has joined the Workplace Satisfaction Committee to help ensure a safety and healthy work environment for her clients and colleagues.

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