Meet our caregiver Shirley

Image: Meet our caregiver Shirley

Sometimes an advertisement in a magazine can lead you to your dream job.

This was the case for our caregiver Shirley who was looking for a job that allowed her flexibility and autonomy over her work day. After learning more about Seniors for Seniors and its commitment to both caring for and employing seniors, she joined the company in 2006.

Shirley has had great pleasure being able to create genuine relationships with her clients. “A lot of our seniors don’t have family or friends, so they look forward to us coming to see them.” says Shirley. “The nursing homes are always grateful we are there to be with those residents who have no families.” Understanding how important these visits are to her clients, Shirley has remained dedicated to being a consistent caregiver and friendly face for a number of seniors in Kitchener, including Mrs. W., who Shirley cared for until she passed away. Being able to provide this consistent care has allowed her to build relationships with her clients and their families that go beyond general duties of caregiving.

Shirley credits Seniors for Seniors for enlightening her on the realities of illness and loneliness. She has learned the importance of companionship as one ages and has seen firsthand how significant interacting with others is to the well-being of seniors. Seniors for Seniors has been able to help many clients from dealing with the emotional aspects of loneliness that can come from being alone in their own home or a retirement facility. Shirley considers working with her clients a pleasure and a privilege she cherishes in her life.

For more information on Seniors for Seniors and our dedicated Companions/Caregivers in the Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge area please call: 519-585-0845