Meet Our Caregiver Shirley L.

Image: Meet Our Caregiver Shirley L.

Shirley L. began her employment with Seniors for Seniors 3 years ago as a Drop-In and Overnight Companion Caregiver.

She immediately formed a deep connection with the elderly female she was aiding at the time, bonding over their shared interest in music and Broadway musicals.

Shirley believes in the services offered by Seniors for Seniors, acknowledging the relationship between client and caregiver as one that benefits both parties. She describes her work as an extremely fulfilling learning experience, allowing her to discover how family commitment and consistency is fundamental to enriching the lives of her clients. Along the way, she has been able to make life-changing friendships and considers her employment with Seniors for Seniors to be “an educational experience that one could not achieve through education manuals alone.”

Recognizing the importance of having services which allow clients to stay at home is what Shirley describes as one of Seniors for Seniors greatest benefits. Her own mother, nearly blind at age 93, is happiest at home, and Shirley believes other seniors with declining health deserve the same comfort and care.

When asked to describe a favourite companion/caregiving experience or story, Shirley reflects fondly on her female friend and their shared musical tastes, remembering the smile and laughter on her face, and the way she would still tap her feet along to the music, even in her declining days.

For more information on Seniors for Seniors and our dedicated Companions in the Barrie and Simcoe County region please call: 705-719-1444