Meet our caregiver Masi

Image: Meet our caregiver Masi

If commitment is what you’re looking for you’ll find it in our caregiver Masi.

Originally from Iran, Masi came to Canada in 1987 and joined Seniors for Seniors in 2006 after seeing an advertisement on the bus looking for retired seniors to be caregivers. She began her career at Seniors for Seniors as a Drop-In Companion, helping clients with everyday tasks like meal preparation and grocery shopping.

Her caring demeanour and passion for helping people made Masi a favorite among her clients.Over the years she learned to care for a diverse group of individuals including clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Her commitment to helping elderly seniors live fulfilling lives is best demonstrated through her care of W.W, a Seniors for Seniors client for whom Masi took care of for 7 years! Over the course of those 7 years she transitioned from providing drop-in companionship for 6 hours a day to becoming a live-in companion as W.W. became less mobile.

If you ask Masi why she has stayed with Seniors for Seniors for so long she will tell you it’s because of her clients, seeing her clients laugh and smile makes her feel like she truly is making a difference in the world. She enjoys being able to help seniors stay in their homes longer and values the friendships that she has been able to develop while working with Seniors for Seniors.

For more information on Seniors for Seniors and our dedicated caregivers in the Greater Toronto Area please call: 416-481-2733