Meet our caregiver Dorothy

Image: Meet our caregiver Dorothy

Our Seniors for Seniors companions are always looking for more ways to give back!

Like our caregiver Dorothy B., who has been working as a Seniors for Seniors live-in companion for two years and is eager to continue.

Dorothy was introduced to Seniors for Seniors through a friend who was working as a live-in companion. Dorothy loved the idea of seniors helping other seniors with homemaking and was looking for meaningful work in her retirement. She began as a live-in companion and hasn’t looked back since. If you ask Dorothy what her favourite part of the job is she’ll tell you it’s connecting with her clients. One instance that is most memorable was when her client unexpectedly lost her balance and began to fall. Dorothy quickly and gently lowered her client to the floor. In an effort to keep the client calm while waiting for the paramedics to arrive, they took selfies on the client’s iPad. Dorothy remembers this experience as a rare bonding experience that she has never felt before. Even today, Dorothy and her client often laugh about that day.

This experience, along with countless others has enriched Dorothy’s life. She says that by being a companion, “she feels privileged that her clients have opened their hearts and their homes to her.” She hopes for them to open their doors for much longer as Dorothy wants to help the elderly stay in their homes for as long as possible. Dorothy can see firsthand how her companionship helps her clients maintain their independence. She has learned so much about the aging process and hopes she will age as gracefully as many of her clients have.