Top 3 home safety devices for seniors

Image: Top 3 home safety devices for seniors

In today’s digital age, companies are competing to create the best technology to improve our lives, especially in the areas of health and safety.

Some of the most cutting edge technological advances can be found in health care. Devices like Nanobots in blood and Robotic “Flight Simulator” Surgery are slowly making their way into healthcare facilities worldwide. However, how is technology being used to help the elderly? These technologies are keeping seniors independent for longer. Here are our top 3 picks for senior care products keeping our loved ones safe:

Medical Guardian

This device is worn at all times so your loved one can call for help in an emergency, up to 1300 feet away from home. Medical Guardian is an important device for seniors living on their own. When the device is activated, they will be connected with a 24 hour call center that will get help. Seniors can choose whether they want to be connected with a family member, a friend or an emergency service. Seniors and their loved ones can feel secure knowing that they will never be left helpless while alone.

Preventice Patient Monitoring

This health monitoring system observes chronic or at-risk patients with a wearable sensor. It collects real-time data and records it in a smartphone or virtual database. The data can be accessed by physicians at any time. This device allows doctors to get a more comprehensive look into their patients’ health and prescribe unique lifestyle changes to manage their illness. Instead of trying to record all your loved ones activities prior to visiting the doctor, Preventice does this for you.

Jawbone wearable technology

Jawbone technology is a health and fitness trackers. It tracks the amount of movement, sleep, nutrition, medication and various other measures that all go into good health. The data recorded is used by healthcare professionals. Jawbone is a great way to track and monitor specific health factors. Such as how much weekly physical activity a loved one gets, or improvements in their sleep patterns. The data can be used by healthcare professionals to see how a new medication is affecting a patient, the best medicine for their lifestyle and whether or not they need extra home care.

Aging in place has been proven to have many benefits, however it will take some extra planning. If you have a device you would like to share, please tweet us @Srs_for_Srs.