Do you know the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s?

Image: Do you know the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s?

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is not a regular part of aging? Yet according to Alzheimer Society of Canada, over 564,000 Canadians are affected by Alzheimer's and dementia. Identifying the sign of Alzheimer’s is key to ensuring that you or your loved one receives the right treatment. The Alzheimer Society has developed the following warning signs for Alzheimer’s:

1. Memory loss: forgetting things often or having difficulty retaining new information.

2. Difficulty performing everyday tasks: forgetting how to do something that you do every day.

3. Problems with language: forgetting words or having difficulty using words in the right context.

4. Disorientation in time and space: not knowing what day of the week it is and/or not knowing where you are.

5. Impaired judgement: having difficulty with day to day decisions. Making choices that do not make sense such as turning the air conditioner on when it’s cold outside.

6. Problems with abstract thinking: having trouble understanding why numbers are on calculators or elevator buttons.

7. Misplacing things: putting things in places where they don’t belong.

8. Changes in mood and behaviour: severe mood swings.

9. Changes in personality: behaving out of character.

10. Loss of initiative: losing interest in relationships with family and friends. And losing interest in activities.

If you are concerned about any of these signs for yourself or your loved one, speak with your doctor.

For more information, please go to Alzheimer Society of Canada