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  • March is National Kidney Month!

    Early detection is important because kidney disease can be slowed or prevented when detected early enough. You should consider speaking to your doctor about a simple blood test that can check your kidney function, especially if you have one or more of the following at risk factors

  • Overcoming speech impediments

    Speech impediments are a type of communication disorder where normal speech is disrupted. They can affect anyone; however, seniors are especially prone to ailments that can negatively impact their speaking abilities.

  • Summer is not over yet

    It's August already but summer is not over yet! Are you planning your next vacation? Be sure to take the necessary precautions when you are going on your holiday. We’ve compiled some of the top 3 ways you can be prepared for any summer excursion.

  • Parkinson’s disease: tips for improving quality of life

    If you are living with Parkinson’s, you may find it difficult to accomplish everyday tasks such as eating, sleeping, bathing and walking, however, there are ways to improve your safety and quality of life with these following tips.

  • World Health Day is today!

    To commemorate World Health Day, we look at these startling statistics that show a large number of our population still lacks basic health services. #HealthForAll #WorldHealthDay #WorldHealthOrganization

  • Bicycling street smarts 101

    The summer weather is not over yet and there’s still lots of time to put your bike to use! Whether you use your bike to commute to work, for exercise, or just for fun, road safety rules are essential to know for safe bike riding.

  • What do you know about concussions?

    The summer has come to an end, kids are back in school and team sports are starting up again. Along with the risk of various other injuries, concussions are a frequent concern for individuals playing sports. Concussions can happen in a variety of different ways and the effects can vary for every person.

  • Smoke, it doesn’t just affect the smoker!

    Since the Surgeon General’s Report released in 1964, 2.5 million adults who were not smokers themselves have died from secondhand smoke. As we close out National Non-Smoking Week, we wanted to look more closely at the facts of secondhand smoking.

  • Back-to-school driving dos and don'ts

    Many people unknowingly pick up bad driving habits during the summer months that may limit their attentiveness on the road. Something as simple as playing loud music could have a considerable impact on someone’s reaction time!

  • These 3 steps will help you quit smoking!

    Thinking of quitting smoking? Why not give it a try this week during National Non-Smoking Week?