Get help with stroke care

Image: Get help with stroke care

If your loved one recently had a stroke, it is important to remember that rehabilitation is a vital aspect of recovery as it helps stroke survivors learn new ways of performing tasks that will help compensate for any residual damage.

Rehabilitation can consist of physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational, recreational, speech and language therapy.

Having a supportive home environment which includes a network of family, friends, neighbours and co-workers is a significant aspect of recovery. To maximize your loved one's at home rehabilitation, consider working with a home care provider who can provide your loved one with the dedicated care and assistance needed during the rehabilitation process.

This may include assisting stroke patients with activities of daily living such as food preparation and personal hygiene, or providing counseling and professional advice on what medical supplies or devices would be of benefit to your loved one's overall recovery.

Rehabilitation is an ongoing process which may range from a few months to a few years. While full recovery is the goal, it takes long-term effort and commitment on the part of the patient, medical professionals and caregivers to enable patients to reach their maximum recovery potential.

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