Celebrating Nurses: 4 ways to say thanks

Image: Celebrating Nurses: 4 ways to say thanks

As National Nursing Week comes to an end we wanted to take the opportunity to thank the men and women who have dedicated their careers to home health care nursing.

Community nurses are some of the hardest working individuals in the healthcare industry. Often we forget to show our gratitude for all the care and support they provide. Here are four simple ways you can celebrate your home health care nurse today:

1. Simply say thank you

Don’t forget to tell your nurse how much you appreciate their hard work by saying thank you! They will never get tired of hearing clients and family members thanking them for the work that they do.

2. Write a note

Let your nurse know how much they mean to you by writing them a short card or thank you note.

3. Help your nurse help you

You and your nurse are a team, your active participation in your care help’s make your nurse’s job easier.

4. Give your nurse a compliment

A compliment can go a long way!

Take the time to celebrate your nurse for all the care they provide to you and your family. Showing your appreciation is important and should be a year round practice. Nurses are compassionate and dedicated individuals that deserve to know how much we care about them.

Happy Nursing Week!