Caregiver Profile: How to enjoy working decades after retirement

Image: Caregiver Profile: How to enjoy working decades after retirement

Meet our companion Joan.

She’s been a dedicated Seniors for Seniors employee since 1997 and a prime example of how working after retirement can be fun and enriching.

Joan came to us after hearing an ad on the radio for Seniors for Seniors. Being recently retired, she thought this would be an excellent opportunity to get out of the house and earn a little spending money. Little did she know that it would turn into a full-time job.

Joan has done quite a few roles while working for Seniors for Seniors; she has been a live-in and drop-in companion, driver and house cleaner. Each position has offered her a uniquely rewarding experience. She has had so many wonderful clients over the years that working has never really felt like real work.

She recalls with great joy one gentleman that never stopped inspiring her. This client loved to play computer games on an old outdated computer; they would play them together for hours. He never wanted Joan to leave and he always wanted to know when she would be back.

Joan says that the services we offer are indispensable, “Seniors for Seniors clients enjoy our services. Often many of them just want someone to be there, they enjoy the companionship.”

Joan loves working with seniors. She genuinely enjoys the relationships she has built with her clients and the deep sense of gratitude they have. “It’s much more than a two-way street; we enrich each other in so many different ways.”

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