Client Declaration of Values

Spectrum Health Care is committed to putting our patients/clients first by providing quality-centred care. We depend on patients/clients and their families to be our partners in the provision of quality health care services. Together we value:


  • Being personally involved in my care
  • Having my questions answered in a way that I can understand
  • Talking about my fears and concerns with my health care professional
  • Giving my family the chance to speak to my health care professional
  • Being listened to, and knowing that what I have to say will be valued
  • Being able to decide if I want to accept or refuse treatment/care based on my understanding of the risks and benefits involved
  • Getting help with a language barrier if I need it
  • Informing the health care team of any changes in my condition


  • Partnering with my health care professional to work towards meeting my health care goals
  • Being respectful and considerate to all Spectrum Health Care employees
  • Taking part in decisions about my care with my health care professional
  • Having my treatment/care explained understandably
  • Being encouraged and supported by my health care professional to return to independence
  • Being prepared for discharge
  • Knowing who to direct complaints to at Spectrum Health Care


  • Caring for me with dignity and respect
  • Treating me with courtesy and compassion
  • Treating others with courtesy and kindness
  • Considering my views and beliefs
  • Respecting my right to privacy
  • Notifying Spectrum Health Care if scheduled appointment or visit time is not convenient
  • Keeping informed when my health care professional will arrive


  • Receiving my care in a timely way based on need
  • Receiving the best possible quality of care
  • Receiving care from the health care professional or team of health care professionals
  • Feeling safe when treatment/care is provided
  • Having my Service Provider understand my needs


  • Knowing how to set up my home and move around safely
  • Having my safety needs addressed
  • Learning about my role in patient safety and becoming aware of safety issues and steps I can take to reduce risk
  • Asking Spectrum Health Care employees for their picture identification
  • Keeping all animals away from care area (except service animals)
  • Refraining from smoking one hour prior to service and for the duration of the service
  • Not giving loans, gifts, tips or entering into private work agreements with Spectrum Health Care employees

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Our offices are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to answer your call.

For more information on Spectrum Health Care we invite you to call our Toronto, Mississauga or Markham office. You can also complete our Contact Us form, located at the bottom of the page, and a Spectrum Health Care representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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