Voice Assistant Software for Healthier Living

Posted on: October 18 2017 / Category: General, News

Today’s voice-enabled digital assistants are paving the way for a better dialogue between patients and physicians, and between patients and their own personal well-being. This is what is new in the world of voice assistance and health technology.

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Calling all PSWs in Toronto!

Posted on: October 13 2017 / Category: PSW

If you have a passion for health care and want to join a home care team, come to our Personal Support Worker drop-in interview at our Toronto office!

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Today is World Arthritis Day!

Posted on: October 12 2017 / Category: News

Today on #WorldArthritisDay, it is important to know the symptoms of arthritis as early detection, particularly in the first 12 weeks, can prevent joint and organ damage.

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Do you know the symptoms of breast cancer?

Posted on: October 04 2017 / Category: General

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer?

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on: October 03 2017 / Category: General

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you know these facts about breast cancer?

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Peel PSWs: See you at our drop-in interviews!

Posted on: September 25 2017 / Category: PSW

Are you a PSW looking to join a leading health care company? Come to our drop-in interviews at our Peel office and see what Spectrum is all about!

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Sunscreen: Are you doing it right?

Posted on: August 23 2017 / Category: News

Did you know that skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer? The good news is that it is also one of the most preventable. One of the ways you can protect your skin from the sun is by using sunscreen when you are outdoors.

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Skin Cancer 101: Do you know these facts?

Posted on: August 16 2017 / Category: News

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer? There are more cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers combined.

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Calling All PSWs: Come to our Toronto job fair!

Posted on: August 10 2017 / Category: News

Toronto will be having a job fair on August 23, 2017 for Personal Support Workers. Drop in for an on-site interview and see what it could be like to join the Spectrum team!

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Spectrum Health Care Foundation: From BBQs to Petting Zoos

Posted on: August 08 2017 / Category: Spectrum News

Recently Spectrum Health Care Foundation had the amazing opportunity to sponsor and volunteer at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s (CAMH) annual BBQ and Peel Children's Centre’s (PCC) annual summer camps. Here is a quick recap on the events.

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What makes life worth living in the face of death?

Posted on: July 25 2017 / Category: News

Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. He wrote a book detailing his life and battle with terminal cancer. In this moving talk, Paul’s wife Lucy Kalanithi speaks about her husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis. She reflects on the range of emotions that come in the face of death

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Look who else is turning 40 this year!

Posted on: July 19 2017 / Category: News

Spectrum is not the only one turning 40 this year! Look who else made their debut in 1977.

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This Sunday is Father's Day!

Posted on: June 18 2017 / Category: News

This Sunday is Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and father figures in our lives.

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June is ALS Awareness Month

Posted on: June 14 2017 / Category: News

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disease that gradually paralyzes people. The brain is no longer able to communicate with the muscles of the body causing a loss of bodily functions.

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Wanted: Personal Support Workers!

Posted on: June 12 2017 / Category: PSW

Are you looking for a career as a Personal Support Worker? We are holding job fairs throughout the summer at our Markham office. Come in for a visit and see what it would be like to join the Spectrum team!

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Today is Personal Support Worker Day!

Posted on: May 19 2017 / Category: PSW

Personal Support Workers are frontline health care professionals who provide direct care to elderly or ill patients. They play an important role in assisting patients with tasks they are no longer able to fulfill on their own.

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Come to our job fair!

Posted on: May 19 2017 / Category: News

Be a part of a winning team! Join Spectrum Health Care as a Personal Support Worker. Come to our job fair in Toronto on May 23, 2017.

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How to Keep Motivated When You Lack Motivation

Posted on: May 17 2017 / Category: News

We are almost halfway through the year. By this time your resolutions may have dwindled; you may find it hard to stay on track with your healthy goals. Here are some healthy tips to keep you motivated when you just don’t have the motivation.

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Nursing Week Spotlight: The Dream Team

Posted on: May 12 2017 / Category: Nursing

Behind every nurse is a dream team of support! Our Home Support Supervisors and Nursing Program Managers are a dedicated team of nursing professionals who oversee and support our nurses and personal support workers, and ensure our clients continuously receive the best home health care services.

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Nursing Week Spotlight: Clinic Nursing

Posted on: May 11 2017 / Category: Nursing

As we come to the end of National Nursing Week, we shift our focus from nurses that treat our patients in their homes and facilities, and take a look at clinic nurses who provide care in our ambulatory clinics.

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Nursing Week Spotlight: Palliative Nursing

Posted on: May 10 2017 / Category: Nursing

It’s National Nursing Week! So far we’ve learned about ET nurses who help clients heal wounds, foot care nurses who help keep feet happy, and today we take a look at palliative nurses.

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Nursing Week Spotlight: Foot Care Nursing

Posted on: May 09 2017 / Category: Nursing

It’s National Nursing Week! All week we’re highlighting the amazing nurses in our Spectrum family! Today we are putting the focus on feet and the wonderful nurses who take care of feet.

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It’s National Nursing Week!

Posted on: May 08 2017 / Category: Nursing

This week we celebrate our real life superheroes; nurses. Nurses are a vital part of Ontario’s health care system. This year to celebrate National Nursing Week we are taking glimpses into the different types of nurses we have in our Spectrum family. First up Enterostomal Therapy nurses!

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Press Release: Spectrum Patient Services Acquires Medical Transportation Services

Posted on: April 25 2017 / Category: Spectrum News

Spectrum Patient Services, the non-urgent patient transportation division of Spectrum Health Care, is pleased to announce that it has successfully acquired Medical Transportation Services.

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Join the Spectrum team!

Posted on: April 18 2017 / Category: News

If you are passionate about caring for people, responsive to the needs of others and dedicated to providing quality care, consider being a Personal Support Worker with Spectrum Health Care, a leader in home health!

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Today is a special day!

Posted on: April 04 2017 / Category: News, Caregiving

Happy National Carers Day. Today we recognize carers for their hard work and selfless acts of service.

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Come find us at some upcoming events!

Posted on: March 28 2017 / Category: News

Spectrum Health Care will be attending some exciting health care events in the next few weeks. Come find us and see what we're all about!

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Superfoods that are super helpful to your kidneys

Posted on: March 20 2017 / Category: General

March is Kidney Health Month and to celebrate our kidneys, we have put together a list of superfoods that will help your kidneys work at optimum levels.

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How to help your liver help you

Posted on: March 16 2017 / Category: General, Liver Health Month

Did you know that March is Liver Health Month? To honour our largest internal organ, we want to help you take better care of your liver with these helpful tips.

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Personal Support Worker Job Fair February 28

Posted on: February 06 2017 / Category: News

Spectrum Health Care will be hosting a job fair for Personal Support Workers in Toronto. Job fair will be held on February 28 from 10 am to 3 pm.

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We want you to know this …

Posted on: February 04 2017 / Category: General

February 4 is World Cancer Day. We honour all those who have been impacted by cancer. We want you to know that you are always in our hearts.

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Bell Let’s Talk Day: It doesn’t end there

Posted on: January 30 2017 / Category: General

January 25 was Bell Let’s Talk Day, a campaign that highlighted mental health and the stigma associated with mental illness. We asked our Spectrum Health Care employees to share encouraging words that they would say to individuals dealing with a mental illness.

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Personal Support Worker Job Fair January 24

Posted on: January 13 2017 / Category: News

Spectrum Health Care will be hosting a job fair for Personal Support Workers in Toronto. Job fair will be held on January 24 from 10 am to 3 pm.

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Work got you burned out from 2016? Here’s how to start 2017 right!

Posted on: January 10 2017 / Category: General

If you felt burned out in 2016 from the demands of your job, you can make changes for a better 2017. Here are some simple steps that you can take to increase productivity and avoid feeling burned out.

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Job Fair Dec. 14

Posted on: December 15 2016 / Category: News

Spectrum will be hosting a job fair for Personal Support Workers on Monday, December 19. Job fair will be taking place in Vaughan.

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