DNR by Another Name

Posted on: May 28 2013 / Category: Caregiving

Great article by Paula Span from The New York Times on how our perspectives of DNR, as an option for our loved ones, change based on the name!

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Xalibe Update: Hospital Hires Two Physicians!

Posted on: May 24 2013 / Category: Xalibe

Update on Spectrum Health Care's Xalibe project in Guatemala from CHOICE Humanitarian's Development Director Megan Ah Mu.

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When The Elderly Turn To Substance Abuse…

Posted on: May 21 2013 / Category: Caregiving

In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesdays, we look at the growing problem of substance abuse amongst the elderly and discuss some possible triggers.

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Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Posted on: May 07 2013 / Category: Caregiving

To help promote MS awareness we've highlighted the stories of two courageous Canadians who are currently living with the disease.

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National Nursing Week

Posted on: May 06 2013 / Category: News, Spectrum News

This week we celebrate the achievements and contributions of nurses nationwide!

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