Let's talk today!

Posted on: January 31 2018 / Category: General, News

Bell’s Let's Talk initiative strives to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. Today is THE day to reach out and support someone who may be struggling with their mental health and well-being.

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Do you have the support you need to manage Alzheimer’s?

Posted on: January 31 2018 / Category: News, Caregiving

Watching a loved one live with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be challenging. While being a caregiver has its rewarding moments, caring for someone as they are suffering from memory loss can take its toll both physically and emotionally. There are services that can provide you with the support you need as you care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Spectrum Health Care Foundation: From BBQs to Parties

Posted on: January 30 2018 / Category: Staff, News, Spectrum News

In case you missed it, here’s what the Spectrum Health Care Foundation has been up to in 2017!

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Smoke, it doesn’t just affect the smoker!

Posted on: January 26 2018 / Category: News

Since the Surgeon General’s Report released in 1964, 2.5 million adults who were not smokers themselves have died from secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is classified as a combination of smoke from the burning end of a cigarette and the smoke breathed out from a smoker. As we close out National Non-Smoking Week, we wanted to look more closely at the facts of secondhand smoking.

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These 3 steps will help you quit smoking!

Posted on: January 24 2018 / Category: News

Thinking of quitting smoking? Why not give it a try this week during National Non-Smoking Week?

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Food for Thought: Can what we eat help our brain?

Posted on: January 23 2018 / Category: News

Certain studies show that nutrition can help slow down Alzheimer’s and or dementia. Eating heart-healthy foods may help to protect the brain. In honour of January being Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we want to highlight the foods that can help with our brain health.

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20 minutes after not smoking, your body will notice a difference

Posted on: January 22 2018 / Category: General, News

If you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking, now is the time! This week is National Non-Smoking Week. Did you know your body starts feeling positive effects within 20 minutes of not smoking?

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Come to our first PSW drop-in interview of the year!

Posted on: January 12 2018 / Category: PSW

If you have a passion for health care and want to join a home care team, come to our Personal Support Worker drop-in interview at our Toronto office!

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