Caregivers need care too

Posted on: February 26 2019 / Category: Caregiving

In Canada, over 8 million people provide care to a chronically ill or disabled loved one. Being a caregiver to your spouse, parent, sibling, relative, neighbour or friend is rewarding but can also be very challenging. The daily duties of looking after your loved one's needs may often lead to stress, anxiety and burnout. Continue reading for tips and personal stories about caregiving.

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Show your heart some love

Posted on: February 19 2019 / Category: General, News

Your heart beats approximately 100,000 times per day and is arguably the hardest working muscle in your body. This Heart Month, we look at 5 ways you can make healthy lifestyle choices. Here are tips on how you can show your heart some love.

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Today is World Cancer Day

Posted on: February 04 2019 / Category: General, News

Today on World Cancer Day, we unite in our fight against this global epidemic. Together we can work to reduce cancer risk factors and improve diagnosis, treatment and palliative care. Together we show our support of #WorldCancerDay.

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