Sugar and Stress: Why diet monitoring alone isn’t enough for Diabetics

Posted on: December 23 2015 / Category: News

Why diet monitoring alone isn’t enough for Diabetics

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Spectrum Health Care Appoints Leslie Sorensen to Managing Director, Palliative Care and Strategic Initiatives

Posted on: December 11 2015 / Category: Spectrum News

Lori Lord, CEO of Spectrum Health Care is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Leslie Sorensen, Director of Organizational Effectiveness will lead Spectrum Health Care’s new private palliative care program.

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Holistic Hub: Taking the “tension” out of Chiropractic Medicine

Posted on: December 08 2015 / Category: News

The Holistic Hub: Bringing you unique expertise from Toronto’s local health care community.

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Inside Depression

Posted on: December 07 2015 / Category: News

Inside the mind of someone suffering with depression.

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