Feeling Tired? Tactics for managing cancer related fatigue

Posted on: August 25 2016 / Category: General, News, Caregiving

Fatigue, or the feeling of being tired, is the most common symptom people with cancer will have. Watch this video for tips on how you can manager cancer related fatigue.

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What does end-of-life care mean for those without a home?

Posted on: August 19 2016 / Category: General, Caregiving

Many people who need palliative care are fortunate enough to be supported by a network of family and friends who support their care in the home. But what happens when you’re palliative, have no support system and have no home?

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It’s time for everyone to give a bit of self-love!

Posted on: August 17 2016 / Category: General, Caregiving

How often do you practice self-care?! Practicing self-care means managing your health, your diet, and thinking about what your body and mind needs.

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