Who Decides When You Can’t?

May 20 2014 / By Esther Goldstein / Caregiving

If you were unable to make decisions due to an illness or injury who would make them on your behalf? Resident Blogger Esther Goldstein blogs about the importance of Advanced Care Planning.

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It's National Nursing Week!

May 13 2014 / By Irene Mukasa / Spectrum News

Celebrating the contributions of Nurses all across Canada.

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CEO Blog: The Importance of Mental Health Week

May 09 2014 / By Lori Lord / News

Spectrum Health Care CEO, Lori Lord, blogs about the importance of Mental Health Week

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Breaking Through The Glass Floor

May 06 2014 / Caregiving

If you are caring for a terminally ill loved one and worried about how you will handle grief, read this compelling blog by Resident Blogger Glen Lord on the life long journey of grief.

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