Dementia, Accusations, and Fractured Fairy Tales

January 29 2013 / Caregiving

Today's article is by Bob DeMarco and was taken fromThe Alzheimer's Reading Room, the number one source of life news and health information for the entire Alzheimers and Dementia community

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Xalibe Update: Jan 2013

January 24 2013 / Xalibe, Spectrum News

Update on Spectrum Health Care's Xalibe project in Guatemala from CHOICE Humanitarian Associate Rebekah Sosa.

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Ready or Not: Taking Time Off Work, How The Government Can Help

January 22 2013 / Caregiving

In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday we look at Federal and Provincial benefits for caregivers who need to take a leave of absence from their job.

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Industry News Fridays: Jan. 14-18

January 18 2013 / News

Industry News Friday's returns! Check out what's been going on the world of health care this week.

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Ontario Launches Action Plan For Seniors

January 15 2013 / News

McGuinty Government Committed to Making Ontario the Best Place to Age

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Introducing Canada Cares: Canada’s First Campaign For Caregivers!

January 15 2013 / By Irene Mukasa / News

In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday we highlight a new and important campaign dedicated to exhibiting the great work of caregivers across the nation.

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Understanding The Stages Of Alzheimer’s

January 08 2013 / Caregiving

In this session of Caregiver Tip Tuesday we take a look at the different stages of Alzheimer's and the types of appropriate care for each stage.

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